The Farmers’ Country Showdown “The Royal Cheshire County Show” 24 June 2022: Friday on BBC Two

Gardeners' World 7 July 2022: Episode 14 on BBC Two 11

Goat breeders Sam and Jess are excited to have a day away from their Sheffield smallholding and head to the Royal Cheshire County Show with their beloved goat herd in tow. A lot rides on today’s results, including whether their male goat Apollo becomes a champion winner this year. Meanwhile, goat farming couple Mark and Graeme from Catterick have been monitoring milk yields and ensuring their pedigree herd is in top condition for the competition. Devoted to his goats, Mark hopes a perfect performance will be rewarded with the very best rosettes.

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About The Farmers’ Country Showdown

British White Cattle farmers Vivien, a retired GP and David and Angela are hoping to help keep their rare breeds alive by competing at the 104th Tendring Show in Essex. It’s their local show and means a lot to them and the future of their beloved herds.

This show is broadcast on BBC Two, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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