The Fifth Estate “Sold a Lie” October 13 2022: Series 48 Episode 3 on CBC

The Fifth Estate "Sold a Lie" October 13 2022: Series 48 Episode 3 on CBC 11The Fifth Estate goes undercover in India to reveal the pitch made to some students planning to attend Canadian colleges and the reality that awaits when they arrive.

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  1. Diana Aspin says:

    Disgusted. Upset. Enraged. I live in Brampton. Are the dead Indian young people shipped back to India by Lotus Funeral Home from these colleges? I plan to find out more about this and plan to visit the charity trying to help these kids. I am a 75 year old English Canadian mother and grandmother, a young adult writer and writing instructor, reflexologist and once worked in a womens’ shelter during my social.service worker training. Although old and gray I plan to find out more and help.if I can.

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