The Hotel People 27 September 2022: Episode 5 on BBC Two

The Hotel People 27 September 2022: Episode 5 on BBC Two 11

It’s peak season. Bookings are up, but the hotels are seriously short-staffed. A big recruitment drive gets underway – but can it plug the gaps?

New general manager Andy is thrilled to see that Chelsea FC are booked into his hotel to compete in a European final, but the team rider lists dozens of foodstuffs the hotel doesn’t stock, so it’s a race against time for his right-hand man Sam to get hold of them all before the team arrive.

Chef Kyle is on edge as his cost-saving approach means he faces running out of food during a major event. James is brought down to earth with a very different sort of hospitality as he goes face-to-face with the evening guests at Belfast Homeless Services.

About The Hotel People

After a year and a half of closures, the family-run Hastings Hotels, one of Northern Ireland’s most luxurious hotel chains, have reopened their doors. Staff prepare to welcome back guests, but the group lost over £16 million in 2021 and, in this new world of hospitality, the challenges they face are massive.

This show is broadcast on BBC Two, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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