The Hotel People 4 October 2022: Episode 6 on BBC Two

The Hotel People 4 October 2022: Episode 6 on BBC Two 11

Big crowds are back and one city centre hotel team has to deal with two contrasting events over the same weekend: an international boxing ringside supper and the annual Miss Northern Ireland pageant. No sooner is that done, than the kitchen must prepare for its busiest night of the year with multiple events taking place in different parts of the hotel. As a drag show kicks off on one floor, a packed and very hot ballroom houses an awards gala hosted by actor and singer Keith Duffy. Will the newly recruited waiting staff be able to take the heat?

Along the coast in County Down, manager Richard has a very unusual booking – a living wake: an elderly gentleman wants his funeral to take place while he’s still alive. This week’s guests include local legend Liam Neeson, who orders his favourite comfort food – champ.

About The Hotel People

After a year and a half of closures, the family-run Hastings Hotels, one of Northern Ireland’s most luxurious hotel chains, have reopened their doors. Staff prepare to welcome back guests, but the group lost over £16 million in 2021 and, in this new world of hospitality, the challenges they face are massive.

This show is broadcast on BBC Two, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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