The Kelly Clarkson Show December 1 2021: Guest Host Jay Leno

Today on Kelly Clarkson: Diego Boneta, Benny Blanco, Matty Matheson, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, Kristin Chenoweth, guest host Jay Leno

The Kelly Clarkson Show Highlights

In 1995, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame opened its doors with a legendary concert featuring James Brown, Bob Dylan, Sheryl Crow and many more. Melissa Etheridge dishes on a prank Chuck Berry pulled on her and Bruce Springsteen that night when they performed together. Tune in tomorrow for more with Melissa Etheridge.

Fashion for LL COOL J means “bringing that hip hop sensibility” and showing his authentic self. He can also tell exactly where he was at in his career by the jewelry he’s wearing in old photos. Tune in tomorrow for more with LL COOL J.

Just about everyone has seen a therapy dog, but have you ever heard of a therapy mini horse? Meet Faith and her rescued pet mini horse Peabody, who has over 300 million views online and makes people smile every day. Pilot Pen awards Faith and Peabody $1000 to keep spreading positivity online. Be unstoppable with the go-to pens of The Kelly Clarkson Show, the smooth G2 and erasable FriXion by Pilot.

It’s been hard for many families not being able to see each other during the pandemic, especially cancer survivor Allie, who hasn’t seen her mom or sister in over a year since being diagnosed with breast cancer during quarantine. Watch Allie’s emotional reunion with her mom, sister and her sister’s husband who she’s never been able to meet until now.

Life has a weird way of giving us exactly what we need when we least expect it. For breast cancer survivor Allie, the one man who kept her strong throughout her battle just so happened to be her UPS delivery driver, and fellow cancer survivor, Al. Allie and Al reveal how they formed their unlikely friendship in a conversation that brings Shannen Doherty to tears.

“Ted Lasso” star and co-creator Brendan Hunt dishes on the real-life inspiration behind his character Coach Beard, the biggest cultural differences living in London, and how he convinced Jason Sudeikis that “soccer doesn’t suck” while living in Amsterdam.

Shannen Doherty believes many people with stage 4 cancer are immediately written off in society, whether that be by their doctors, insurance companies, or even bosses. She is not only fighting her own stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis, but also the perception that comes along with it. Shannen explains her new mindset on life after being diagnosed, how she’s become a harder worker than ever before, and why her journey with cancer has made her a “better actor than ever.”

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Singer Kelly Clarkson brings her gift of connection to a fun and funny hour each weekday, offering heartwarming stories, live musical performances, games and surprises.

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