The Queen's Lost Family - 15 February 2020 - 15/2/2020 - February 15 - Saturday - Channel 4 - TV Everyday

The Queen’s Lost Family – 15 February 2020 – 15/2/2020 – February 15 – Saturday – Channel 4

Season 1, Episode 3
Using never-before seen personal letters, diaries and photograph albums, this new series tells the inside story of the royal family over three turbulent decades from the 1920s to the end of World War Two. In the final episode Britain is ripped apart by the abdication of Edward. In parliament there is a debate about republicanism and abroad Nazi Germany is rising. This is not an easy time for Bertie – who previously always stood in Edward’s shadow – to become King. Edward, meanwhile, is not content with life out of the limelight and makes a trip with Wallis to Nazi Germany and meets Hitler. While Bertie is in America to appeal to President Roosevelt for support in any imminent conflict, Edward makes a speech on the radio asking world leaders to renew their efforts for peace. When war is declared, Mary, Henry and George take active roles and support Bertie. Edward hopes for a high-profile position in the war effort but is instead given a governorship of the Bahamas. Now he truly is exiled. George, a father of three, is killed in a plane crash while on active service aged just 39. Mary, grief stricken, still tries to bring about rapprochement between Edward and their mother. Then Mary’s eldest son, George Lascelles, is captured and held in Colditz prisoner of war camp and comes close to being executed

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This show is broadcast on Channel 4.

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