The Rap Game UK 8 September 2022: Series 4 Episode 5 on BBC Three

The Rap Game UK 8 September 2022: Series 4 Episode 5 on BBC Three 11

It’s the last week before DJ Target, Krept and Konan decide which three will make it through to the final week of the competition. With their first challenge of the week even more important than ever, the artists are tasked with digging deep and writing a letter to themselves from their past. A series of emotional performances ensues, evoking some strong reactions from Krept, Konan and guest mentor Meekz Manny.

With the battle for the final three places still wide open, the artists are set their second challenge, to perform live in front of a crowd, the true test of any performer and something not all of them have done before. D-Block Europe oversee the six live performances that all provide our judges with food for thought ahead of the whittle, including a mixed bag of crowd favourites. The following day Target, Krept and Konan deliver their final verdict, the all important news of which three have made it through to the Rap Game final, and which three will be sent packing.

About The Rap Game UK

UK rap legends DJ Target, Krept and Konan are putting seven unsigned MCs head to head in a battle to become the first ever signing for Krept and Konan’s record label.

This show is broadcast on BBC, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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