The Repair Shop – 8 June 2021 – 8/6/2021 – Tuesday – BBC

Series 5 (Extended Versions) Episode 7 of 20

Jay Blades and the team bring four more treasured family heirlooms, and the memories they hold, back to life.

Metal worker Dominic Chinea takes on a former fairground family’s water can. The can represents owner David’s childhood travelling around the country, carrying drinking water for the family. It was an essential piece of kit for life on the road in a caravan but now bears the scars of its hard life.

Master saddler Suzie Fletcher tackles a miniature camel saddle, the only memento from a childhood spent in Malaysia. This curious item had been safely by owner John’s side for over sixty years until an unfortunate incident with a mischievous puppy left it in tatters. John is keen to pass the saddle on to his new grandson, that’s if Susie can save the day. Susie joins forces with wood expert Will to rebuild the leather seat pad and revive the wood work.

Teddy bear repair duo Amanda and Julie welcome a 100-year-old RAF mascot bear called Bobby. Dressed in a replica uniform, the bear belonged to a brave airman, Joe Mack, a member of an elite pathfinders bomber squadron who survived a horrific plane crash during the Second World War. His daughters Kris and Barbara give Amanda and Julie their own mission to restore Bobby as a tribute to their brave father.

Finally, Dom and Will are called on to tackle the restoration of a treasured steering wheel from a now-scrapped Scottish fishing boat. A jumble of broken wooden pieces, the dilapidated wheel is a far cry from being in ship shape and Bristol fashion. For owner Tony Sayer from Merseyside, the wheel is a much-treasured artefact, representing happy memories of childhood summers, and a precious reminder of lost loved ones.

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About The Repair Shop

Expert craftsmen pool their talents and resources to restore heirlooms and treasured antiques such as music boxes, vases and clocks to prove that anything can be restored to their former glory.

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