The Savoy – 18 May 2021 – 18/5/2021 – Tuesday – ITV

Episode 4

After their most profitable year and their busiest festive season, the hotel hosts its annual staff gala where the 600-strong staff can celebrate – but there is a crisis looming as news of Covid 19 starts to become a reality at the hotel.

Concierge Dean has been nominated for the prestigious ‘Front of House’ star award, and ahead of the party where the winner will be announced he is practising his dance moves in between dealing with guests – one of whom is Mrs Lee from Korea who has taken a shine to him – even though she cannot speak any English.

The hotel’s Quality Executive Debra catches up with the heads of department on guest complaints before doing her daily rounds to check the hotel is in perfect condition. This includes a visit to her oldest friend at the hotel – Head Doorman Tony, who is the face of the hotel and its longest serving member of staff.

Junior Florist MaryKate is preparing for her ‘guest experience’ – which every member of staff enjoys as part of their training. She will be staying in one of the £1500 a night butler suites before sipping cocktails in the American Bar with her Mum – while new butler Michael is being tested on his packing skills by head butler Sean. It’s a final assessment of his skills before they discuss his future at the hotel.

In the Savoy Grill, restaurant director Thierry is preparing for another visit from owner Gordon Ramsay and he decides to try out the new and improved Steak Tartare dish on regular guests Josh and Jasmine from Wales.

In Kaspar’s restaurant, 85 and 89-year-old Pat and Stu visit the hotel for the first time since their wedding night 63 years ago.

But as the staff celebrate their successes of the previous year and the winner of the star award is announced, news of Covid-19 has reached the hotel and it is becoming an increasing concern. Management are preparing themselves for cancellations and we see the hotel forced to close its doors.

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About The Savoy

“People come to The Savoy to be entertained, to be wowed, to feel luxury and to feel special. When I was being trained they would hit you, throw things at you… it wouldn’t be appropriate to do things like that now.” Sean, Head Butler at The Savoy

Filled with glamour, elegance, history and character and truly the first luxury hotel in Britain, The Savoy has sat alongside the River Thames for over 130 years. It has hosted rock stars and royalty, Oscar winners and prime ministers and is now opening its famous revolving doors to the cameras in this brand new series for ITV.

Filmed over the most dramatic period of the hotel’s history – from the incredibly busy winter season to its devastating coronavirus shutdown – the series will give viewers a fascinating glimpse into the lives of those lucky enough to be able to afford this slice of luxury, and those who serve them, as cameras capture the upstairs, downstairs and the most secret of corners.

As a global crisis looms, the series sees the challenges the staff face to continue to make the magic happen with their hard work and attention to detail before the hotel was forced to shut its doors for the first time ever in its history.

This is the first time an iconic hotel has been filmed using an innovative state-of-the-art luxury multi-camera rig, providing unique and intimate access into the intoxicating world of this prestigious location.

This is the story of The Savoy as it has never been seen before.

This show is broadcast on ITV.

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