The Suspect 5 September 2022: Episode 2 on ITV

The Suspect 5 September 2022: Episode 2 on ITV 11

Joe’s wife, Julianne (Camilla Beeput), desperately wants him to focus on his health, but he just can’t get the case of the murdered woman out of his head. He’s convinced there’s something sinister at play, and his paranoia leads him to suspect that one of his patients may know something about the murder. The more threads Joe picks at, the more entangled he becomes.

Meanwhile, Ruiz and Devi are hunting for new evidence in their case, and a surprising breakthrough turns the spotlight back on Dr O’Loughlin. Joe has his own theory about who might have murdered the young woman, but the police are not convinced. When Joe’s marriage is hit by a bombshell, the line between innocence and guilt starts to seem irrevocably blurred.

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