The Ten Commandments - April 4 2020 - 4/4/2020 - 4 April - Saturday - ABC - TV Everyday

The Ten Commandments – April 4 2020 – 4/4/2020 – 4 April – Saturday – ABC

The story relates the life of Moses, from the time he was discovered in the bulrushes as an infant by the pharaoh’s daughter, to his long struggle to free the Israelites from their slavery at the hands of the Egyptians, as well as his climb up Mount Sinai to receive the tablets containing God’s commands.

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66 Responses

  1. Jeiro Velazquez says:

    Why ABC did not announced the broadcast of “The Ten Commandments” today April 4? I have been looking for the date this year and surprise!!! the film was broadcasted today and I didn’t even know it. I read in some other place that it was going to be broadcast next week. What happened then?

    • Mary says:

      ABC wrote possible air time April 11 or 12, but had not scheduled yet. I missed it too. They never advertised. They must be antichrist, hiding info on a holy show..

    • Keith Tacklyn says:

      Are you serious?? This has aired already?? I look out for this every year. This sucks!

    • Vicky Bellamy says:

      I am absolutely devastated that I have missed this! It has ALWAYS aired the night before Easter, this just upsets me, I was so excited about seeing it! My familys yearly tradition.

    • Harry says:

      Cause the people making these decisions are idiots instead of showing it on Easter weekend like it use to be, they show it a week earlier n don’t let you know,, it’s just like when they show any series of movies like Indiana Jones or the rocky movies they show them in reverse instead from the first one to the last one made just plain dumb thinking ,its ridiculous and stupid. I always liked watching the ten commandments on Easter or at least Easter weekend especially with this corona virus going on and we all must stay home what better movie to watch especially if they played it like they did when I was a kid where there was an actual intermission cause it was a long movie , but I’m sure it has to be a money thing as it usually is for shame

    • MJ dee says:

      So upset about this. Really needed it this year. So pissed

    • Rosalind Daniel says:

      I am with you!!! I am searching for the time tonight, I was excited, and then to find it aired!!!! Play it again!

    • Tom Horn says:

      I watch this every year I looked on my computer when in 2020 it would be broadcast and every day it said ABC didn’t know yet, flipping thru channels i caught the last hour of it. I guess ABC wants to keep it Secret so the ratings will be low and it will be tanked, please rebroadcast it and advertise this time, thanks.

  2. Renee says:

    I am clearly pissed. I wanted to watch this also. Looking around today to see when it will air and it has aired already. WOW ABC…

    • Shannon says:

      I MISSED IT TOO!!! They Usually Air it on the Saturday Night before Easter Sunday!!! Why would they Air it the Weekend before!!! That’s always a Family Night, we’re all VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!

  3. Carol says:

    Had no idea it was showing so I missed it. ABC should air it again next week since so many people missed it. We need it now!

    • Mary says:

      I agree. ABC should air it again, on April 11 or 12, 2020, like they claimed.

      • Bunny says:

        They do this every year! Now I haven’t been able to watch this for several years when I always search every single day a week and a half in advance and it never shows that it’s airing. Really pissed!

    • Steve says:

      I totally agree. It should be aired on Easter weekend annually, which it the logical time to program it.

    • Lisa Meister Erickson says:

      We Do need it!! They pick the one year when we can’t even attend church tomorrow! No reason everyone can’t stay up for the whole thing

    • regina vinson says:

      I agree it should come on next week

  4. Otero says:

    I missed it as well, not sure why they did not advertise the showing.

  5. Rita schwartz says:

    Why do they say April 20th when it was April 4th?
    Anyway an interesting movie.about history

  6. Rita schwartz says:

    I was saying the ten comanments a great movie
    Costumes were magnificent. I’m glad I watched
    I don’t think I saw it in the past. Most of the actors
    Have passed on but we’re great! I’m so excited that we saw it. Yes I’m glad. Yes we

  7. Rita schwartz says:


  8. Alton says:

    ABC has realty did it it’s got to be the most unorganized network on the planet it was announced that the ten commandments would air on the 11 or the 12 the of this month but it has already aired Saturday and I was unaware of this thank you ABC for nothing you should rerun since you misinform the public that is very bad business

  9. Amy Marie Aurandt says:

    I have watched The Ten Commandments movie since I was little, I now look for the date/time of the showing online and predictably it is usually the Saturday before Easter, I usually make my Easter preparations while watching it…IT IS MY TRADITION. That being said, I was NOT happy to find out it had already aired ! Why was this not advertised?! This is unacceptable ABC needs to replay for us it is their mistake!!!

  10. staohs says:

    ABC was sooo wrong for not posting a firm date and for not advertising when the
    10 Commandments would be aired this year, 2020. I, too, am very upset. ‘Was looking forward to seeing it again:-( Please air it Sat., 4/11/20.

  11. Jennifer M says:

    I would love to know if they are having a showing of this April 12, 2020. I would like to know time to let my resident in community know!!

  12. Devoria Clancy says:

    ABC This is so unfair no-one expected it to air on the 4th last time there was a expected date of the 11th & 12. It should be aired again

  13. Devoria Murray says:

    Every since I can remember my family and I get together to watch this movie. My older is 44 year old my youngest 32, I have six children. And 19 grandchildren what a disappointment. Things are already sad enough now this.

  14. Barbara Hedrick says:

    Why they dont advertise, THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, Because Prime Time tv, dont want anything about OUR GOD, THE GREAT I AM on Prime TIME TV. THE TRUE AND RIGHTEOUS GOD OF THE BIBLE!

  15. Butch Noble says:

    30+ years of Easter Tradition watching this movie down the toilet! Thanks ABC!

  16. Ida says:

    ABC, if you are reading this, for love of God, please re-air “The Ten Commandments” on Easter weekend 4/11/2020 or 4/12/2020 as you’ve always done in the past. Alot of its fans were looking forward to watching it specifically on Easter weekend and not sure why it aired earlier. Please air it again and it will be greatly appreciated especially during this trying times when people really need alot of hope. Thank you and God bless.

  17. Raul Portela says:

    What possible reason would you have to air this April 4th and on top of it all not even announce it
    Is it that ABC doesn’t care about its viewers faith. I have been watching this movie for years when it was aired on Easter then you moved it to Saturday. My children and I look forward to this movie every year, now you go and do this. Thanks for showing us how much you care not

  18. Shelia Reid says:

    I’m so hurt I can’t believe I missed it why did it come on so easily this time

  19. Nicholas Turner says:

    I watched this every year since I was a kid I can’t believe they aired it already when it’s usually on At Easter or the Night before they didn’t even say it was coming on yet alone on the 4 the why that is not tradition I’m upset was looking forward to see this I hope you re air it!!!

    • Dee Davis says:

      I am so disappointed as well. The won’t respond why. My goodness it’s a tradition on Easter weekend since I was a kid. So upset.

      • Kb says:

        I’m just finding this out. I’m so upset..I was just mentioning to a friend how I’ve watched this since I was 5 yrs old..

  20. Brandi says:

    ABC? Any response? Why did you change it?

  21. Raecheal Todd says:

    I’m so disappointed that they aren’t airing it on Easter weekend.

  22. Arn says:

    I missed it too! Isn’t it usually on Easter weekend?

  23. Jan says:

    I have looked forward to this all year, especially with all that is going on. I feel cheated—- just added on to everything else lately. Booo abc.! They need to show it at another date preferably this sat or sun and let people know this time!!!

  24. Moses says:

    Yah this is a LONG weekend, EASTER movie, NOT the week BEFORE. It’s a classic for DECADES.

  25. SLR says:

    I’m upset I missed it too. If you have Dish Network, it is in the DVR under the Primetime folder. I found it there & saved it to watch later tonight.

  26. Dee Davis says:

    I am so upset. Why would they air the ten commandments a week before Easter weekend. Really ABC.

  27. Ciara Levenberry says:

    I’m actually sad that they did air it today, I have traditionally watched every year the day before Easter with my grandmother since I was a little girl. Now that she’s gone, I continue to carry on that tradition. Thanks abc…thanks.

  28. Melissa Reitano says:

    Seriously they aired it a week early? It is ALWAYS the Saturday before Easter! Why would they change it and not announce they were changing it? Way to ruin a tradition ABC. Such a massive disappointment.

  29. Lisa Meister Erickson says:

    NOT COOL!! I was just looking up the time for this, as it is ALWAYS the night before Easter. My kids can never stay up and watch with me, since we go to church early in the morning. I shouldn’t stay up and watch it, but I always do, because I love it so much. I was especially looking forward to it this year, because so many traditions are unable to happen. When life gives you lemons you make lemonade. The kids could actually stay up and watch with me and enjoy one of my favorite traditions with me, one that could not be ruined by a pandemic….. one that could even be better BECAUSE of the pandemic. I’m very upset about the change.

  30. Emily White says:

    I am absolutely DEVASTATED to find out that The Ten Commandments will not air on ABC tonight! Of all years to make a change…..this was NOT the year! My family has watched this classic the night before Easter for as long as I can remember!!! Shame on you ABC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Your son says:

    If it is such a tradition then buy it

  32. Kay Zuñiga says:

    I think it is wrong that they did not let people know ahead of time before April 4th 2020 that the Ten Commandments were coming on. I always watch The Ten Commandments before Easter and now this year it is all messed up because I won’t be watching it because you are it it on April 4th. I think you guys need to air it again because I think this is very unfair to everybody.

  33. JoyceGrzes says:

    I will never watch ABC again for not airing The Ten Commandments when they have been showing it the night before or the night of Easter. This is a sad disgrace. No notice that they were going to show it earlier. But show that garbage. You should be ashamed of yourselves, when we are going through this lockdown you decide to not show The Ten Commandments. I will pray for your souls you EVIL people.

  34. Voyage 1912 says:

    I suspect ABC moved the day of the show without advertising it is so they can claim nobody watched it so then they can have a reason for not showing it again in the future…they will claim low ratings….ABC is definitely anti Christian

  35. Weesd says:

    Unacceptable. Why on earth would they air this this weekend before Easter is beyond me

    • dland says:

      Absolutely unacceptable abc! Back in the 60’s and 70’s it was on easter sunday night, always. Then somewhere along in the eighties or early 90’s it changed to saturday night which wasn’t so bad as this change was easy to accept and still easter weekend. But this, this is completely sacrilegious abc, and everyone who is upset has every right to be especially with the state of things we are all going thru at this moment in time. Who in the world knew it was on last weekend which made no sense what so ever. The best thing you can do at this point ABC to save face is to apologize to the viewing public and re air it tomorrow, Easter Sunday night like the days of old. We’ve absolutely had enough of american idol and the bachelor night after night after night and one night without it won’t hurt anything if moved back a night. Make things right abc!

  36. jenny LEE says:

    I am disappointed!
    I watch the 10 commandments every year at Easter, godless people don’t want it watched!

  37. Mary Calton says:

    Probably because it’s on pay per view. That’s just evil, to charge for it!!

  38. Sandra Thomas says:

    Very upset me and my family watch this movie every year to tradition for us and to have missed it I’m very upset

  39. Randy L Johnson says:

    I’am so furious, ABC has aired the Ten Commandments on Saturday night before Easter Sunday for decades. Why have they broken this American tradition…

  40. Ellen says:

    I am very upset about this. I searched all over when I saw Saturday that ABC wasn’t showing it. This is just another example of how they have gone totally left. I never watch except for this movie special anyway.

  41. Joe says:

    I have watched for years on Easter and I find out it was last week and now the only way to see it is rent it

  42. Rose Flowers says:


  43. Steve says:

    Way to take our institution away ABC! You used to rule…now you’re nothing but a political shill…

  44. CC RIDER says:


  45. Renee Bey says:

    4-4 20-

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