This Week with George Stephanopoulos July 3 2022: Sunday on ABC

This Week with George Stephanopoulos July 3 2022: Sunday on ABC 7This Sunday, July 3 2022, George Stephanopoulos hosts an episode of This Week.

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This Week on This Week with George Stephanopoulos July 3 2022

EXCLUSIVE: In her first interview since the Jan. 6 hearings began, Jonathan Karl goes one-on-one with Rep. Liz Cheney about Tuesday’s bombshell testimony, what the committee hopes to accomplish with the public hearings and the future of the GOP

Following the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Trump-era ‘Remain in Mexico’ border policy, Martha Raddatz goes one-on-one with Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on the Biden administration’s next steps on immigration and the migrant smuggling tragedy in San Antonio 

Dan Abrams & Sarah Isgur w/ legal analysis

Ukraine update w/ James Longman

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Former Clinton White House staffer and current co-anchor of ABC’s weekday morning news show “Good Morning America,” George Stephanopoulos offers a look at current events with a focus on the politics of the day. Each week’s show includes interviews with top newsmakers (including some of the nation’s top political leaders) as well as a roundtable discussion, usually featuring journalists from ABC and other news organizations, of the week’s happenings. Since 2008, the program has broadcast from a studio at the Newseum in Washington, D.C.

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  1. Excellent program today! Dan Abrams and Sara Isgur were eloquent on the differences between the Jan. 6 hearings and a court case where there are defense lawyers, cross examination, and rules of evidence, as well as Abrams’s observations on the charging of a former president by the DOJ of a new administration of the opposite party.
    I have heard Alejandro Mayorkas before. He speaks like a robot. As usual, he NEVER ONCE answered a question! Never a specific plan for solving, or trying to solve a problem. I could tell that Ms Raddatz was exasperated, but remained polite as I did not as a screamed at him to say something SPECIFIC!

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