Today 3rd Hour Season 6 Episode 212 Airs July 10 2024 on NBC

Tune in to “Today 3rd Hour” for Season 6, Episode 212 airing on July 10, 2024, on NBC. In this episode, discover tips and strategies for building a better budget, helping viewers manage their finances effectively.

Join Breaker B-Boy Victor as he discusses his journey and preparations for Countdown to Paris, showcasing his skills and passion for breakdancing.

Catch NASCAR driver Ryan Blaney as he shares insights into his racing career and upcoming races.

Learn from Dr. Samantha Boardman about how to enjoy stress-free summer vacations, providing practical advice for relaxation and wellness during travel.

Indulge in delicious culinary delights with TODAY Food featuring Jon Kung, offering mouthwatering recipes and culinary tips.

Don’t miss “Today 3rd Hour” on NBC on July 10, 2024, for a mix of informative segments, inspirational stories, celebrity interviews, and culinary delights that promise to entertain and enlighten viewers.

Release Date & Time: 9:00 AM Wednesday 10 July 2024 on NBC

Today 3rd Hour Cast – Season 6 Episode 212

Main Cast
Sheinelle Jones
Craig Melvin
Dylan Dreyer
Al Roker

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