Today 3rd Hour Season 6 Episode 213 Airs July 11 2024 on NBC

Catch “Today 3rd Hour” for Season 6, Episode 213 airing on July 11, 2024, on NBC. In this episode, get essential tips on renting a home or car, covering everything you need to know to navigate these rental processes smoothly.

Explore Ultra Swimwear and Grandma’s insights into fashion trends and innovative designs in swimwear.

Discover travel-sized beauty buys with Sarah Eggenberger, exploring convenient and effective beauty products perfect for travel.

Join Tim Sweeney for a fun segment on drinks inspired by films, where viewers can learn how to create cinematic-inspired cocktails and beverages.

Don’t miss a special performance by the cast of “Stereophonic,” offering entertainment and musical talent on the show.

Tune in to NBC on July 11, 2024, for “Today 3rd Hour,” featuring informative segments, fashion insights, beauty tips, creative cocktails, and live performances that promise to entertain and inform viewers.

Release Date & Time: 9:00 AM Thursday 11 July 2024 on NBC

Today 3rd Hour Cast – Season 6 Episode 213

Main Cast
Sheinelle Jones
Craig Melvin
Dylan Dreyer
Al Roker

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