Two Daughters 29 May 2022: Sunday on BBC Two

Gardeners' World 7 July 2022: Episode 14 on BBC Two 11In June 2020, when sisters Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman did not return from Bibaa’s birthday celebrations in a north London Park, family and friends knew something was wrong and reported them missing to police. Bibaa, 46, a passionate social worker, and Nicole, 26, a talented freelance photographer, were murdered as they danced to music, enjoying each other’s company. Bibaa had chosen to celebrate her birthday in the park because of restrictions imposed during lockdown. The next day, Nicole’s boyfriend found the sisters’ bodies after family and friends organised their own search party.

A year after the brutal murders of her daughters, retired Archdeacon Mina Smallman, who was Britain’s first black archdeacon in the Church of England, invites Stacey Dooley to help her tell her story through both the trial of her daughters’ killer and the trials of two Met police officers who took photographs of their bodies and shared them on WhatsApp.

Mina’s faith is central to her very being, but what happens when faith is confronted by unimaginable tragedy? Stacey witnesses how Mina’s faith has played a pivotal role throughout an unimaginably difficult time, helpign her to cope with her grief and anger and strengthen her resolve to fight to end violence against women so her daughters did not die in vain.

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