War and Justice: The Case of Marine A 31 July 2022: Sunday on Channel 4

War and Justice: The Case of Marine A 31 July 2022: Sunday on Channel 4 11In Afghanistan in 2011, a Royal Marine shot an unarmed Taliban insurgent in the chest. What’s the truth behind one of the most controversial events in the war on terror? 

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  1. Alistair Nottingham says:

    Why do we waste so much money investigating crap like this. Clearly there is no mister mina going on… if someone was trying to kill you and your colleagues, and you’re paid for job is to do what you’re told, (take out the enemy), and you killed the person trying to kill you… der! This country is so hellbent on picking on decent people to make a legal case out of nothing, I’m starting to think it’s run by lawyers… does anyone benefit from this other than lawyers?
    If someone tried to kill me and he died, I’d put a bullet in his head just to make sure. The chap who did it (Sgt Blackman) clearly didn’t do it because he enjoyed it, or he’d have put 20 in his skull. Why are we wasting tax payer’s money (especially in these times) and putting these brave lads fighting for our country on trial! Not proud to be British these days! Disgusting how we treat the brave whilst we sit at home watching it on TV! Do the Taliban trial their people for beheading British or women for wanting to be educated or anyone opposing them? Only in England can this crap happen! Time to stop this and concentrate on things that matter!

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