We Are England “Coping in Construction” 7 October 2022: Friday on BBC One

We Are England "Coping in Construction" 7 October 2022: Friday on BBC One 11

We pass construction sites every day, but most people don’t know that behind the flurry of activity and noise, the industry has the worst suicide rate of any job in the UK. We meet the people building our cities and towns, doing a physically and mentally draining job, often while struggling with their mental health.

Alfie and his scaffolding gang have seen first-hand the mental health struggles of colleagues working in construction, now they’re joining forces with a worker-led initiative to make a difference. Through their stories, we explore why the industry is in such bad shape and witness a change in a group of young construction workers who have struggled to discuss mental health issues before now.

We also meet those who have suffered while working on a building site but who are now trying to effect fundamental change in the industry, and see how their efforts are finally gaining ground.

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We Are England explores the issues people care about, as told by them. With real stories from across England each week, the series is a reflection of the opinions and changing face of our country.

This show is broadcast on BBC, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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