We Are England “From Conflict to Classroom” 14 October 2022: Friday on BBC One

We Are England "From Conflict to Classroom" 14 October 2022: Friday on BBC One 11

Fleeing war, violence and persecution abroad, young refugees from Ukraine and other countries restart their educations in England, finding a new life through new schools. We meet three refugee students who fled their homes to seek safety in the UK – and also meet the Britons who are welcoming them into their homes.

8-year-old Sofiia and her mother Hanna left their home in Kharkiv to make a new life in Farnham. They were sponsored by Kate and Charlie, a retired couple who became their hosts and helped to get Sofiia into a local school. We see Sofiia become the first Ukrainian to find a school placement in the area.

Also in Farnham is Ukrainian teenager Ivan. We follow Ivan on his first day at a new secondary school, trying to fit in with his English classmates who’ve grown up together. His new peers are confronted with the realities of war as they meet Ivan.

Salma fled war and violence in Afghanistan when she was 16. Despite learning English and passing all her exams, Salma couldn’t secure a place at university – until she found help from a specialist charity that works with young refugees to help them rebuild their education. Now 23, Salma studies, and thrives, at Brunel University in bio-medical sciences.

At Refugee Education UK, we meet Moses, a young Jewish man who feels compelled to help displaced individuals because of his own people’s history of persecution and expulsion. Moses’ work helps refugees find their own place in British society through mentorship and practical support with getting their disrupted educations back on track.

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