We Are England “Jayde Adams: Coming Home” 11 July 2022: Monday on BBC Three

We Are England "Jayde Adams: Coming Home" 11 July 2022: Monday on BBC Three 11

Observational comedian Jayde Adams has spent the last 20 years carving out a successful career in comedy for herself. Most of that has been in London, but now she is moving back home to Bristol, to the place that made her who she is. It’s a chance to reconnect with old friends and family. It’s also a chance to re-visit some of the emotional events that dominated her younger years, including the death of her older sister.

She meets the key people who helped her navigate those early years and takes us to the vibrant working-class parts of south Bristol that made her who she is today. In this emotional and at times hilariously madcap journey, Jayde goes on a trip down memory lane to answer the question: what made her.

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