We Are England “Kema Kay: My Hometown” 4 July 2022: Monday on BBC Three

Big Proud Party Agency 6 July 2022: Episode 3 & 4 on BBC Three 11

Kema Kay, star of I Daniel Blake, moved to Newcastle from Zambia aged three for his father’s education. He calls the city home, but has always struggled with a sense of belonging. Despite Kema and his family entering the country legally, he faced years of delays to his immigration case, leaving him in limbo for most of his adult life. Kema is retracing his steps, talking to the people who impacted his life, his closest friends, his surrogate family and Ken Loach, the person who gave him his big break, to understand what made him the man he is today.

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We Are England explores the issues people care about, as told by them. With real stories from across England each week, the series is a reflection of the opinions and changing face of our country.

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