We Are England “Our Family Cucumber Farm” 21 October 2022: Friday on BBC One

We Are England "Our Family Cucumber Farm" 21 October 2022: Friday on BBC One 11

Lea Valley normally produces more than 80 million cucumbers annually, over 65 per cent of the UK’s production, according to Lea Valley Growers Association. This year the association, which represents local growers, estimates the area will produce just half of that. Some growers say it’s been their toughest season yet, and there are concerns their future hangs in the balance.

Tony Montalbano’s Sicilian grandfather founded his family cucumber growing business when he first came to Lea Valley in the 1960s, and it was later passed down to Tony by his father. Tony wanted to make his family proud, but when gas prices rose sharply this year, he couldn’t afford to heat his eight acres of glasshouses.

We follow Tony through his season as the weather warms up and he plants his crops, facing unexpected challenges and trying to find out what the future of the English-grown cucumber will be. Tony’s biggest fear is failing his family. Will his family farm survive?

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