We Are England “The Container King” 26 October 2022: Wednesday on BBC One

We Are England "The Container King" 26 October 2022: Wednesday on BBC One 11

Jake Slinn is a 22-year-old entrepreneur who set up his own disposal and recycling company at the age of 19. The average age of a UK business owner is 49, even though 53% of young adults in England dream of setting up their own business. Jake’s company disposes of illegal, damaged or unsafe products that come into ports all over the UK, recycling everything they can. Jake has seen everything from counterfeit clothing and rotting bananas to dodgy breast implants. The business has grown significantly over the last three years and now his mum, Julie, and his brother, Jez, work for him. But, despite his current success, things haven’t always been so easy for Jake. He struggled through school, routinely getting into trouble for acting as “the class clown”, to the frequent despair of his parents and teachers. This behaviour masked Jake’s frustrations with academic study due to his dyslexia. Jake ultimately left school with two GCSEs. Now, running a thriving business, Jake wants to show that success comes in many guises. He also wants to use his success to help other young people achieve their dreams. He sponsors two local sportsmen in Suffolk – Ryan, a boxer, and Rob, a race car driver – as well as sponsoring his older brother’s football team in West Sussex. We see him embark on what he calls his most daunting task yet – returning to his old college to inspire the next generation of young entrepreneurs.

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