When Women Abuse Men – 1 June 2021 – 1/6/2021 – Tuesday – Channel 5

Male victims who have been abused by female partners.

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3 Responses

  1. Linda Tompkins says:

    My son is not allowed to see me or help me anymore with anything I’m 72
    I’m only allowed to go to his house when she say so and then goes out .They have a 1 Yr old son.
    She usually go down her sisters and get drunk, when she comes back she goes into one .and attack him.The police were called, I don’t know who called them and I don’t know why, my son doesn’t tell me.He doesn’t want to talk about it . But he will never leave her because of his son . They are both good parents and think the world of him .
    But he must hear them arguing

  2. Clive Lever says:

    It’s a shame the Mankind Initiative helpline relies on the public for every penny of its funding, as it doesn’t receive any funding from any public organisation or from central government. Spare a thought and the price of a pint or two for the helpline at http://www.tinycc/yna …and hear/download my song of hope for male victims.

    People say men should open up and not keep it all in. Whilst I agree, I also believe that men are more likely to speak out when they know people will listen and take them at their word, so cherish this helpline, because it doesn’t vet male callers to check they’re not liars or abusers in disguise. There are men’s helplines out there that do that, and it’s counter-productive.

  3. Sandi says:

    My son was 16 when he met her and she was two years older. We had always been a happy family and I was particularly close to him. She systematically isolated him, convinced him she needed him more than us or friends. It was like he’d been taken over by a cult. I remember reading an article called The Cult of two in psychology today and it was spot on. My happy, outgoing, talented, friendly boy just disappeared. Within a few months after a row about teenage mess, he moved in with her and cut us all off. He would ignore us in the street. The coercive control ramped up and he was soon being told what to wear, eat etc. He was never allowed out of her sight and if he did he had to have the phone to his ear with her on the other end the whole time. He was gone for almost nine years, on two occasions he came back to live but they were brief and she soon got him back. A lot of what we know now is because he recently got out. The physical abuse didn’t start till about 3 years in, before that it was emotional and mental abuse. Lots of cheating on her part, often him being gaslighted into believing he was mistaken. Some of what we know is he was stabbed several times, punched, kicked, had lots of things thrown at him. She would threaten to kill us if he left her. Not enough is said about abusive women and their male victims. My son left as a child and is an adult now. He is in therapy and has complex ptsd because of the trauma he went through. After watching the program last night I am so incredibly lucky he survived. He recently told me that he feared if he’d still been with her through the lockdown she may of killed him. I’m so deeply sorry for the loss that the others on the program are going through. Other than Alex’s documentary Abused by my girlfriend, last night was the first time I’d watched something that was only about male victims. Please as difficult as it it, let’s keep talking about it!!!

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