Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum Season 2 Episode 13 I Am Madam C.J. Walker; I Am Edwin Binney Airs July 17 2024 on PBS

Get ready for an educational and inspiring episode of “Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum” airing Wednesday, July 17, 2024, at 1:30 PM on PBS. In Season 2 Episode 13, titled “I Am Madam C.J. Walker; I Am Edwin Binney,” viewers are treated to two fascinating historical figures who impart valuable lessons to Xavier, Yadina, and Brad.

First, Madam C.J. Walker teaches Xavier the importance of hard work and determination. She encourages him to put effort into his lemonade stand, showing him that with perseverance, he can achieve his dreams, like affording the pogo stick he desires. This storyline highlights themes of entrepreneurship, perseverance, and the power of ambition.

Next, Edwin Binney joins the adventure to teach the trio about teamwork. He emphasizes the importance of listening to everyone’s ideas and working together harmoniously. This lesson resonates as Xavier, Yadina, and Brad learn firsthand how collaboration and respect for each other’s perspectives can lead to success.

Filled with positive messages and historical insights, this episode of “Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum” promises to engage young viewers while teaching important life lessons through the lens of history. Don’t miss out on this delightful blend of entertainment and education, perfect for children and families alike.

Release Date & Time: 1:30 PM Wednesday 17 July 2024 on PBS

Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum I Am Madam C.J. Walker; I Am Edwin Binney Cast – Season 2 Episode 13

Main Cast

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