Your Garden Made Perfect 11 March 2022: Lisa and Justin on BBC Two

Your Garden Made Perfect 11 March 2022: Lisa and Justin on BBC Two 11

Lisa and Justin – Series 2 Episode 6 of 6 – Lisa and Justin live in a new build house in Wokingham. Lisa is originally from South Africa, and the couple raised their two children there, returning to the UK a few years ago. They love their home, but the footprint downstairs isn’t huge, and they are desperate to make more of the generous plot outside. Given their roots in South Africa, the family also want to connect more with nature. They regularly go for walks in the nearby woods, but they would love their garden to offer them a similarly ‘wild’ experience, something their distinctly average patch of lawn doesn’t. With Lisa recovering from a recent illness, the family desperately want their own private sanctuary outside, but they are at a loss about where to start.

Stepping up to help are award-winning garden designers Oliver Bond and Steve Williams. Oliver is keen to divide up this boring plot into defined yet beautiful zones, while Steve is committed to getting some nature into the uninspiring space. Using virtual reality, both designers pitch their radically different approaches. Oliver creates a sophisticated paradise complete with bespoke lighting solutions, whereas Steve reinvents the plot into a wild wonderland. Both designs are brought to life in the virtual world, allowing Lisa and Justin to step inside two versions of the garden. Either would be a perfect fit, but which will the couple choose?

About Your Garden Made Perfect

Virtual reality and visual effects enable people to see what their future garden could look like, before building it in reality.

This show is broadcast on BBC Two, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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