1000-Lb. Sisters Season 5 Episode 5 The Custard-y Battle Airs January 9 2024 on TLC

In the upcoming episode of “1000-Lb. Sisters,” titled “The Custard-y Battle,” scheduled to air at 9:00 PM on Tuesday, January 9, 2024, viewers are in for a rollercoaster of emotions and pivotal moments in the lives of the Slaton sisters.

The episode unfolds with Amy facing a significant life event – her first divorce hearing with Michael. As tensions rise, Chris takes a unique approach to incorporate healthier food into his lifestyle, showcasing his commitment to positive changes. Meanwhile, Tammy explores the possibility of expanding her family, adding a layer of anticipation to the narrative.

Adding to the drama, Tammy embarks on a reconnaissance mission to rehab after stumbling upon crucial information about Caleb. “The Custard-y Battle” promises to be a compelling episode, weaving together personal challenges, resilience, and the pursuit of a brighter future. Don’t miss the emotional journey, airing at 9:00 PM on TLC, Tuesday, January 9, 2024.

Release Date & Time: 9:00 PM Tuesday 9 January 2024 on TLC

1000-Lb. Sisters The Custard-y Battle Cast – Season 5 Episode 5

Main Cast
Tammy Willingham
Amy Slaton

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