1st Look Season 15 Episode 4 Destination Dallas Airs December 10 2023 on NBC

This Sunday at 1:02 AM on NBC, “1st Look” Season 15 Episode 4, titled “Destination Dallas,” takes viewers on an entertaining journey as Jared Haibon explores the vibrant city of Dallas, infusing the episode with a dose of southern charm. In the company of Opal Lee, Jared immerses himself in the heart of Texas culture, with highlights including the renowned Texas State Fair.

The episode promises a delightful culinary adventure as chef Tiffany Derry showcases the flavors of Dallas, adding a savory touch to the exploration of this dynamic city. Viewers can expect a mix of cultural experiences, gastronomic delights, and the signature warmth of southern hospitality.

Tune in at 1:02 AM for an episode that captures the essence of Dallas through the lens of “1st Look.” Whether it’s the lively atmosphere of the Texas State Fair or the delectable creations of Chef Tiffany Derry, this episode guarantees a captivating and flavorful journey on NBC.

Release Date & Time: 1:02 AM Sunday 10 December 2023 on NBC

1st Look Destination Dallas Cast – Season 15 Episode 4

Main Cast
Audrina Patridge

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