20/20 A Deadly Scream Airs May 31 2024 on ABC

The case of Holly Bobo’s disappearance and murder, which many believed to be closed, will be revisited in an all-new episode of 20/20 True Crime titled “A Deadly Scream,” premiering on Friday night, May 31, 2024, at 9/8c on ABC. The episode promises to shed new light on the case, raising questions about whether the investigation truly uncovered the whole truth. You can also catch the episode on Hulu for streaming.

Holly Bobo, a young nursing student, vanished from her family home in Darden, Tennessee, on April 13, 2011. Despite extensive searches and investigations, her disappearance remained a mystery until September 2014 when her partial remains were discovered in northern Decatur County, Tennessee. The case led to the arrest and prosecution of several individuals, including Zach Adams, his brother Dylan Adams, and friend Jason Autry, on charges of kidnapping, murder, and rape.

However, the case faced numerous setbacks and criticisms, including allegations of coercion, mishandling of evidence, and disputes within the prosecutorial team. These challenges have raised doubts about the validity of the convictions and whether all parties involved received a fair trial.

The upcoming episode of 20/20 True Crime aims to delve deeper into the complexities of the case, exploring new evidence and perspectives that may challenge the existing narrative. Don’t miss “A Deadly Scream” on May 31, 2024, as 20/20 takes viewers on a compelling journey to uncover the truth behind Holly Bobo’s tragic fate.

Release Date & Time: 9:01 PM Friday 31 May 2024 on ABC

20/20 Cast –

Main Cast
David Muir
Amy Robach

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