Welcome to Flatch January 19 2023: “The Headless Horseman” (S2E5 FOX)

On Thursday January 19 2023 at 9:01 PM, FOX broadcasts the “The Headless Horseman” episode of “Welcome to Flatch”.

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The Headless Horseman Season 2 Episode 5 Information

When a psychic at Barb’s ladies spooky night influences some big changes and sparks some romance, dynamics are forever changed.

Airdate: 9:01 PM Thursday 19 January 2023 on FOX

Cast of Welcome to Flatch The Headless Horseman

Main Cast
Holmes as Kelly
Sam Straley as Shrub
Seann William Scott as Father Joe
Aya Cash as Cheryl
Taylor Ortega as Nadine
Krystal Smith as Mandy
Justin Linville as Mickey
Jaime Pressly as Barb Flatch
Carla Mahaffee as Hardware Store Employee
Keeley Kollmann as Realtor

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