Law & Order March 9 2023: “Vicious Cycle” (S22E6 NBC)

On Thursday March 9 2023 at 8:00 PM, NBC broadcasts the “Vicious Cycle” episode of “Law & Order”.

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Vicious Cycle Season 22 Episode 6 Information

When a fashion designer is killed on the night of his boutique opening, Cosgrove and Shaw must track down a suspect with very little evidence and no witnesses; Maroun is shocked to find her own name on the defense’s witness list.

Airdate: 8:00 PM Thursday 9 March 2023 on NBC

Cast of Law & Order Vicious Cycle

Main Cast
Anthony Anderson as Detective Kevin Bernard
Jeffrey Donovan as Detective Frank Cosgrove
Camryn Manheim as Lieutenant Kate Dixon
Hugh Dancy as Executive Assistant District Attorney Nolan Price
Odelya Halevi as Assistant District Attorney Samantha Maroun
Sam Waterston as District Attorney Jack McCoy
Connie Shi as Violet Yee
Rami Margron as Emma Atkins
Brian D. Coats as Eddie Wells
J. Bernard Calloway as Marcus Wallace
Perry Strong as Scott
Liza Colón-Zayas as Lara Vega
Thomas Silcott as Judge Martin
Doug Goldring as Man
Garrett Richmond as Eriq Gwynn
Terance Eugene Murphy as Perry Sutton
Khan May as Declan
Kirby Davis as Crime Scene Detective
Erica Keiji Santiago as Nick Castillo
Rebecca Guerrero as Lisa
Robin Angela Reck as Foreperson

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