Ghosts April 6 2023: “The Baby Bjorn” (S2E6 CBS)

On Thursday April 6 2023 at 8:31 PM, CBS broadcasts the “The Baby Bjorn” episode of “Ghosts”.

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The Baby Bjorn Season 2 Episode 6 Information

Sam meets a Viking ghost at the Farnsbys’ house who has an unexpected connection to Thorfinn; Trevor devises a new method for the ghosts to trade favors.

Airdate: 8:31 PM Thursday 6 April 2023 on CBS

Cast of Ghosts The Baby Bjorn

Main Cast
Rose McIver (Samantha)
Utkarsh Ambudkar (Jay)
Brandon Scott Jones (Isaac)
Richie Moriarty (Pete)
Danielle Pinnock (Alberta)
Asher Grodman (Trevor)
Román Zaragoza (Sasappis)
Sheila Carrasco (Flower)
Rebecca Wisocky (Hetty)
Devan Chandler Long (Thorfinn)
Kathryn Greenwood (Margaret)
Mark Linn-Baker (Henry)
Christian Jadah (Bjorn)
Lindsey Broad (Judy)
Sonya Huggins (Customer/Yard Sale)
Louis Labonville (Baby Bjorn)
Kelly Craig (Olga)
Rober J. Tavenor (Mike)
Felicia Shulman (Sharon)

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