Grand Crew April 14 2023: “Wine & Honors” (S2E7 NBC)

On Friday April 14 2023 at 8:30 PM, NBC broadcasts the “Wine & Honors” episode of “Grand Crew”.

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Wine & Honors Season 2 Episode 7 Information

Anthony receives an award from his alma mater; Sherm has an opportunity to meet a renowned businessman; Nicky helps Fay with a yard sale, but they lose something really important, and there’s wine.

Airdate: 8:30 PM Friday 14 April 2023 on NBC

Cast of Grand Crew Wine & Honors

Main Cast
Echo Kellum as Noah Koles
Nicole Byer as Nicky Koles
Justin Cunningham as Wyatt Fields
Aaron Jennings as Anthony Holmes
Grasie Mercedes as Fay
Maya Lynne Robinson as Kristen Fields
Carl Tart as Sherm Jones
Peter Banifaz as Amir
Mike O'Malley as Zeb Jenkins
Scott Beehner as Kervin
Nikhil Shukla as Reggie Hilgard
Jacquis Neal as Damion
Jeff Marlow as Kablan
Annie Korzen as Nova
Amir Levi as Steve
Becky Wu as Ola
Larry Cedar as Tripton
Cassie Keet as Kim
Marcie Lynn Ross as Edna
Roman Arabia as Rick

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