Spy in the Ocean 11 June 2023: “Deep Feelings” (Season 1 Episode 2 BBC One)

On Sunday June 11 2023 at 7:00 PM, BBC One broadcasts the “Deep Feelings” episode of “Spy in the Ocean”.

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Deep Feelings Season 1 Episode 2 Information

The spy animals delve into the world of animal emotions by befriending the ocean’s most complex minds and learning about their deepest emotions. Bottlenose dolphins are renowned for their intellect, but Spy Dolphin is on a quest to discover how they truly feel. Spy Dolphin is all set to join a pod of thrill-seeking dolphins surfing the waves.

Airdate: 7:00 PM Sunday 11 June 2023 on BBC One

Cast of Spy in the Ocean Deep Feelings

Main Cast

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