20/20 July 28 2023: “Home Sweet Murder”

On July 28 2023 at 9:01 PM, ABC broadcasts the episode of “20/20”.

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20/20 Episode Preview

When Mark and Shaun Staudte fell ill and died suddenly within months of each other, it seemed as though the Missouri family experienced a spurt of horrible luck. When Sarah Staudte developed similar symptoms soon after, landing her in the hospital, investigators and friends of the family grew suspicious: were these tragedies just bad luck or products of malicious intent? “20/20,” in collaboration with Plum Pictures, features contributing anchor Deborah Roberts’ prison interview with Diane Staudte, mother of four and mastermind behind a sinister plot to poison her husband and two children. Diane talks about her relationship with her family and her feelings about the tragic events and alleges that outside influences forced her to falsely confess to the police despite having no evidence to support that claim.

The program includes recordings of police interrogations with Diane and her daughter Rachel Staudte, who pleaded guilty to helping her mother in her disturbing scheme to pick the family off one by one. It also features an interview with Sarah from the ABC News archives about how she is healing after her mother and sister’s betrayal. The episode also includes interviews with Jeff Sippy, the family’s pastor who tipped off police to the suspicious pattern; detective Neil McAmis, lead investigator on the case; Charles Alexander, Mark’s bandmate; Dr. Essam Elkady, who treated Sarah in the hospital; Michael Staudte, Mark’s brother; and other neighbors and friends of the family. “20/20” airs Friday, July 28 (9:01-11:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC, next day on Hulu. (OAD: 2/25/2022)

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