Bargain Hunt 17 July 2023: “Leominster 8” (Season 65: BBC One)

On Monday July 17 2023 at 12:15 PM, BBC One broadcasts the “Leominster 8” episode of “Bargain Hunt”.

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Leominster 8 Season 65: Information

Eric Knowles joins us from Leominster, a market town in Worcestershire. Kate Bliss and Philip Serrell lead the teams around an antiques centre in the Herefordshire town. Meanwhile, Eric pays a visit to one of the UK’s oldest teddy bear companies.

Airdate: 12:15 PM Monday 17 July 2023 on BBC One

Cast of Bargain Hunt Leominster 8

Main Cast
Charles Hanson
Eric Knowles
Paul Laidlaw
Charlie Ross
Anita Manning
Natasha Raskin Sharp
Christina Trevanion
Roo Irvine
Caroline Hawley

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