Who Do You Think You Are? 20 July 2023: “Chris Ramsay” (Season 20 Episode 8 BBC One)

On Thursday July 20 2023 at 9:00 PM, BBC One broadcasts the “Chris Ramsay” episode of “Who Do You Think You Are?”.

Scroll down to read more about and watch the “Chris Ramsay” episode of “Who Do You Think You Are?”!

Chris Ramsay Season 20 Episode 8 Information

Chris Ramsey draws large crowds to his live comedy shows and also hosts a podcast and TV show with his wife Rosie on the ups and downs of being married with children. Chris, who comes from a working-class family in South Shields, considers himself privileged and wonders if his forefathers were as fortunate. He begins by researching his great-grandfather, Dryden Gordon Young, who served in the First World War.

Airdate: 9:00 PM Thursday 20 July 2023 on BBC One

Cast of Who Do You Think You Are? Chris Ramsay

Main Cast

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