Pop Paper City 30 July 2023: “Hooper Dooper Land” (Season 1 Episode 23 Channel 5)

On Sunday July 30 2023 at 9:25 AM, Channel 5 broadcasts the “Hooper Dooper Land” episode of “Pop Paper City”.

Scroll down to read more about and watch the “Hooper Dooper Land” episode of “Pop Paper City”!

Hooper Dooper Land Season 1 Episode 23 Information

Hooper and Helping Hand are constructing an incredible theme park called Hooper Dooper Land! The rides aren’t finished yet, but the pals are so enthusiastic that Hooper decides to open the park early.

Airdate: 9:25 AM Sunday 30 July 2023 on Channel 5

Cast of Pop Paper City Hooper Dooper Land

Main Cast
Nick Mohammed
Eden Gough
Taran Beyer
Hannah Silverman
Rohan Boucher
Sadie Sweet

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