20/20 August 18 2023: “I Now Pronounce You Dead”

Just two days before Molly Watson was set to marry James Addie, her love of seven years, a passing motorist found her tragically murdered on a quiet Missouri road. Authorities soon discovered an elaborate and tangled web of lies surrounding James, spun to conceal his biggest secret of all. He was living a double life, both engaged to Watson and married for over 20 years with kids at home. As investigators dug through text messages and other key evidence, the question became: How far would James Addie go to ensure his two lives wouldn’t collide? “20/20” contributing anchor Deborah Roberts sits down with Melanie Addie, James’ ex-wife, who discusses her marriage and how the experience of finding out the truth about her husband shattered the life she once knew.

The two-hour program also includes interviews with Glen McSparren, the motorist who found Watson’s body and may have seen the killer at the scene; Sam Addie, James’ brother; Sheriff Joe Colston, who helped in the investigation; and Samantha Cohen, Chrystal Graves-Yazici and Tabetha Schilb, wedding vendors who worked closely with Watson and Addie in the days before Watson’s murder. “20/20” features interviews with Tim Watson, Watson’s brother; Patsy Dent, Watson’s aunt; Jodi Lindberg, Watson’s cousin; and prosecutors Talley Smith and Katharine Dolin. “20/20” airs Friday, Aug. 18 (9:01-11:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC, next day on Hulu.

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