25 Words or Less Season 5 Episode 122 Mary McCormack and Tiya Sircar Airs March 26 2024 on FOX

In the upcoming episode of “25 Words or Less,” viewers can expect a thrilling showdown between Team Mary and their opponents. Led by the talented Mary McCormack, Team Mary is gearing up for a challenging round of word-guessing action. Alongside her teammate Tiya Sircar, Mary McCormack is ready to bring her A-game to the table, aiming for nothing short of victory.

Set to air on FOX at 12:30 PM on Tuesday, March 26, 2024, this episode promises high stakes and intense competition. As the preview suggests, Team Mary may encounter some obstacles along the way. The guessing game could either be a slam-dunk for them or present some stumbling blocks as they navigate through the words and clues.

Fans of the show can anticipate an episode filled with laughter, suspense, and plenty of surprises. With Mary McCormack’s wit and Tiya Sircar’s quick thinking, Team Mary is sure to put up a formidable fight. However, their opponents won’t go down without a challenge, making the outcome anyone’s guess.

So, mark your calendars and make sure to tune in to witness the excitement unfold. Will Team Mary emerge victorious, or will they face an unexpected twist? Find out on the next episode of “25 Words or Less” as the teams battle it out for word-guessing supremacy.

Release Date & Time: 12:30 PM Tuesday 26 March 2024 on FOX

25 Words or Less Mary McCormack and Tiya Sircar Cast – Season 5 Episode 122

Main Cast
Meredith Vieira

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