25 Words or Less Season 5 Episode 149 Airs May 9 2024 on FOX

In this episode of “25 Words or Less,” viewers are in for a fast-paced and entertaining game show experience. Hosted by the beloved Meredith Vieira, teams go head-to-head to guess secret words or phrases within a strict time limit and with only a limited number of clues.

With tension mounting and excitement building, contestants rely on their quick thinking and communication skills to outwit their opponents and emerge victorious. As the clock ticks down, every word counts, adding to the thrill of the competition.

Audiences can expect plenty of laughs, suspenseful moments, and impressive displays of wordplay as the teams battle it out for bragging rights and prizes. Whether you’re a longtime fan of the show or tuning in for the first time, “25 Words or Less” promises to deliver fun for the whole family.

Don’t miss the action! Tune in to FOX at 12:30 PM on Thursday, May 9th, to catch all the excitement of this high-energy game show hosted by the incomparable Meredith Vieira.

Release Date & Time: 12:30 PM Thursday 9 May 2024 on FOX

25 Words or Less Cast – Season 5 Episode 149

Main Cast
Meredith Vieira

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