48 Hours Who Poisoned Angela Craig? Airs March 23 2024 on CBS

Tune in for a riveting episode of 48 HOURS, titled “Who Poisoned Angela Craig?” airing on Saturday, March 23, 2024, at 10:00-11:00 PM ET/PT on the CBS Television Network and streaming on Paramount+.

In this gripping investigation, correspondent Natalie Morales delves into the mysterious death of Angela Craig, a devoted mother of six from Aurora, Colo. The tragic events unfolded when Angela fell mysteriously ill on March 6, 2023, prompting her husband, well-known dentist James Craig, to rush her to the hospital. Despite medical efforts, Angela’s condition worsened, ultimately leading to her untimely death two hectic weeks later.

As authorities delved deeper into the case, shocking revelations emerged. The autopsy revealed Angela had been poisoned, leading police to suspect her husband, James Craig. Allegations surfaced that James had ordered a package containing potassium cyanide, conducted online research on poisons, and purchased deadly substances like arsenic.

Podcaster Steffan Tubbs sheds light on the chilling details, including James’s alleged Google search for lethal doses of arsenic. However, Craig’s defense team presents a different narrative, citing his history of depression and potential self-harm intentions.

Attorney Skye Lazaro offers insight into the legal complexities surrounding the case, raising doubts about the evidence linking James to Angela’s death.

With its unparalleled access to key figures, exclusive interviews, and in-depth analysis, “48 Hours” delivers gripping storytelling that leaves audiences craving for more. Don’t miss out on the latest revelations and developments in the world of crime and justice, as “48 Hours” continues to set the standard for investigative journalism. Tune in for an evening of suspenseful storytelling and compelling insights on CBS.

Release Date & Time: 10:00 PM Saturday 23 March 2024 on CBS

48 Hours Cast –

Main Cast
Erin Moriarty
Peter Van Sant
Richard Schlesinger
Maureen Maher
Tracy Smith
Jim Axelrod
Anne-Marie Green
Michelle Miller

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