60 Minutes The Sperm Whales of Dominica, Monkey Island, Hanging On Airs May 26 2024 on CBS

This Sunday, on CBS at 8:00 PM, viewers can tune in to the iconic newsmagazine show, “60 Minutes.” This episode promises an in-depth look at people and events making headlines and those that often stay behind the scenes. With its long-standing reputation for investigative journalism and thought-provoking stories, “60 Minutes” continues to captivate audiences with its unique storytelling style.

THE SPERM WHALES OF DOMINICA – The sperm whale, one of the largest animals in the sea, is at risk because of noise pollution, ship strikes and plastic trash. Cecilia Vega dives in off the coast of Dominica, where hundreds of sperm whales live year-round, to observe these mysterious mammals and understand the efforts to protect the vulnerable species. Michael Rey is the producer.

MONKEY ISLAND – Correspondent Lesley Stahl reports from Cayo Santiago, also known as Monkey Island, off the coast of Puerto Rico, home to roughly 1,800 rhesus macaque monkeys whose DNA is a 94% match to humans. Stahl examines one study set to determine the impact of environmental crises on the longevity and overall health of the macaques and what the inhabitants of Monkey Island can reveal about climate-related trauma and survival. Ayesha Siddiqi is the producer.


HANGING ON – 60 MINUTES’ Sharyn Alfonsi reports from Costa Rica on sloths and their superpower of slowing down. Alfonsi examines how these mammals have mastered the art of survival for more than 60 million years and the new threats of climate change to the species. Guy Campanile is the producer.

Furthermore, “60 Minutes” doesn’t just scratch the surface of news stories but goes beyond the headlines to provide a comprehensive understanding of the issues at hand. Through its investigative reporting, the show sheds light on the complexities of global events and the impact they have on society. By presenting a mix of hard-hitting journalism and human interest stories, “60 Minutes” offers a well-rounded view of the world around us. So, mark your calendars for this Sunday’s episode and get ready to be informed, inspired, and intrigued by the stories that “60 Minutes” has in store.

Release Date & Time: 8:00 PM Sunday 26 May 2024 on CBS

60 Minutes Cast –

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Lesley Stahl
Scott Pelley
Bill Whitaker
John Dickerson

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