60 Minutes December 17 2023: The Hostage Story, The Looting of Cambodia, Gnawa

On Sunday December 17 2023 at 7:00 PM, CBS broadcasts a new episode of “60 Minutes”.

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Airs 7:30-9:00 PM, ET/7:00-8:30 PM, PT After the Football Game on the CBS Television Network

THE HOSTAGE STORY – Almost three months into the Israel-Hamas war, correspondent Lesley Stahl returns to the region and speaks with a freed Israeli hostage in her first interview since spending more than 50 days in captivity by Hamas in Gaza. Stahl visits the remnants of the survivor’s family’s home in the kibbutz following the Oct. 7 attacks and speaks with her and her relatives. Shachar Bar-On is the producer.

THE LOOTING OF CAMBODIA – A year-long investigation by 60 MINUTES examines what might be the greatest art heist in history: the theft of thousands of sacred stone, bronze and gold artifacts from religious sites across Cambodia. Correspondent Anderson Cooper reports on Douglas Latchford, the British dealer who masterminded the looting amidst genocide, civil war and political turmoil and sold to the world’s wealthiest collectors and most prestigious museums. Cambodia’s government has spent the last 10 years tracking it all down and wants their history and heritage brought home. This is a double-length segment. Michael H. Gavshon and Nadim Roberts are the producers.

GNAWA – Correspondent Bill Whitaker traces the musical legacy of Gnawa music that for centuries was only played in secret ceremonies by enslaved Black Africans brought to Morocco during the Middle Ages. Those ancient rhythms helped give rise to the American blues. Today, Gnawa is exploding in popularity. Whitaker joins hundreds of thousands of music fans to travel to the ground zero of Gnawa: the seaside town of Essaouira on Morocco’s Atlantic coast. Whitaker meets Gnawa masters and the Western musicians who join them for a taste of the Moroccan blues. This is a double-length segment. Heather Abbott is the producer.

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Airdate: 7:30 PM Sunday 17 December 2023 on CBS

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