60 Minutes September 3 2023: Hide and Seek, An American Down Under, Jeff Koons

On Sunday September 3 2023 at 7:00 PM, CBS broadcasts the episode of “60 Minutes”.

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HIDE AND SEEK – The tiny island nation of Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean has long been a financial hub of choice for wealthy Russians to move their rubles offshore, but this practice is now under intense scrutiny by U.S. and EU investigators looking for the hidden overseas wealth of sanctioned Russian oligarchs. Sharyn Alfonsi reports from Cyprus to follow the money and speak with Cyprus politicians and U.S. prosecutors untangling this intricate international flow of funds. Oriana Zill de Granados is the producer.

AN AMERICAN DOWN UNDER – Correspondent Jon Wertheim reports on the unlikely star of Australian rules football, and only American in the league, Mason Cox. Standing at nearly seven feet, Cox grew up in Texas with no knowledge of the sport of footy, but has quickly become an Aussie celebrity as he’s mastered the game as a player for the storied Collingwood Magpies. Jacqueline Williams is the producer.

JEFF KOONS – Anderson Cooper profiles Jeff Koons, one of the most prominent and polarizing artists in the world. Known for making sculptures and paintings inspired by everyday objects or famous characters, his works can take decades to make and push the boundaries of technology and sometimes taste. Koons shows Cooper some of his latest work at both a stone workshop in Pennsylvania and his studio in New York, where he gives 60 MINUTES a look at what he hopes will be a permanent art exhibit on the moon. Nichole Marks is the producer.

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Airdate: 7:00 PM Sunday 3 September 2023 on CBS

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