90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Pillow Talk: Big Bank Theory Airs October 30 2023 on TLC

On Monday, October 30, 2023, at 11:00 PM, TLC will air a new episode of “Pillow Talk: Big Bank Theory,” featuring Tim and Veronica, Emily and Kobe, Jen and Myra, and Robert and Anny. This popular show gives viewers a chance to see how these familiar faces react while watching “90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way.”

During the episode, these couples will watch the latest happenings in “90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way” and provide their unfiltered thoughts and opinions. Expect candid and humorous commentary as they share their reactions to the ongoing relationship challenges faced by the cast.

If you enjoy hearing what others have to say about the ups and downs of international relationships, this episode is a great choice. Join Tim, Veronica, Emily, Kobe, Jen, Myra, Robert, and Anny as they watch and discuss the latest developments in the world of “90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way.” It’s a fun and entertaining way to catch up with your favorite couples and their journeys.

Release Date & Time: 11:00 PM Monday 30 October 2023 on TLC

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Pillow Talk: Big Bank Theory Cast – Season 5

Main Cast
Deavan Clegg
Ariela Weinberg
Jenny Slatten
Jihoon Lee
Brittany Banks
Evelin Villegas
Corey Rathgeber
Biniyam Shibre
Tiffany Franco
Kenneth Niedermeier
Armando Rubio
Laura Jallali
Aladin Jallali
Sumit Singh
Ronald Smith
Tim Clarkson
Karine Martins
Yazan Abo Horira
Melyza Zeta
Shaun Robinson

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