911 Crisis Center Season 2 Episode 15 Mother of a Day Airs May 18 2024 on USA

Get ready for an emotionally charged episode of “911 Crisis Center” this Saturday at 1:30 AM on USA Network. In Season 2 Episode 15, titled “Mother of a Day,” shift supervisors Laura and Charline find themselves facing a challenging Mother’s Day shift when their plans to celebrate working moms are interrupted by a flood of distressing calls.

As Laura and Charline strive to honor the mothers working at the crisis center, their efforts are derailed by the sudden influx of emergency calls reporting a shooting. Caught between their desire to acknowledge the dedication of their colleagues and the urgent need to respond to the unfolding crisis, Laura and Charline must navigate the delicate balance between professional duty and personal empathy.

Viewers can expect a gripping narrative that explores the resilience and compassion of the crisis center team as they work tirelessly to provide support and assistance to those in need, even in the face of unexpected challenges. With emotions running high and tensions escalating, “Mother of a Day” promises to deliver an intense and thought-provoking storyline that underscores the crucial role of first responders in times of crisis.

Don’t miss this poignant and impactful episode of “911 Crisis Center” as Laura, Charline, and their team navigate the complexities of their profession while striving to uphold the spirit of Mother’s Day in the midst of chaos. Tune in to USA Network this Saturday at 1:30 AM for an unforgettable night of drama and suspense.

Release Date & Time: 1:30 AM Saturday 18 May 2024 on USA

911 Crisis Center Mother of a Day Cast – Season 2 Episode 15

Main Cast
Jessica Merkosky
Cheryl Hilton
Jennifer Barber
Laura Svoboda
Tara Reynolds
Hayley Kilban
Heidi Hobart
Chandler Appling
Laura Hunter
Vanessa Headley

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