A Royal Guide To Season 2 Episode 3: Airs September 30 2023 on Channel 4

On Saturday, September 30, 2023, at 7:35 PM, Channel 4 will air Season 2, Episode 3 of “A Royal Guide To.” In this episode, the show explores the history of the royals’ love for animals. This includes a passion for creatures of all sizes and types, ranging from cats to parrots and even a polar bear spotted fishing in the Thames.

The episode delves into the royals’ deep-rooted affection for animals, going beyond the well-known racehorses and corgis. It offers a fascinating look into the special connections the royals have had with various animals throughout history.

For those intrigued by the British royal family’s connection to the animal kingdom, this episode provides a unique perspective. It’s a chance to discover some lesser-known aspects of royal life and their affinity for creatures great and small.

Tune in on Saturday evening to catch this informative episode of “A Royal Guide To” and learn about the rich history of the royals’ love for animals.

Release Date & Time: 7:35 PM Saturday 30 September 2023 on Channel 4

A Royal Guide To Cast – Season 2 Episode 3

Main Cast

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