Adventure Cities : Aqaba & Quebec City Airs September 24 2023 on Discovery

On Sunday, September 24, 2023, at 7:00 AM, Discovery will air an episode of “Adventure Cities” titled “Aqaba & Quebec City.” In this episode, travel writer Jonathan Thompson embarks on a journey to explore the adventurous sides of Aqaba, Jordan, and Québec City, Canada.

Jonathan Thompson is a seasoned travel writer who travels to different cities to uncover their exciting and thrilling aspects. In this episode, he will take viewers on a tour of Aqaba, a city in Jordan known for its beautiful coastline and water adventures. He will also explore Québec City in Canada, famous for its rich history and culture.

“Adventure Cities” aims to showcase the excitement and adventure that can be found in various cities around the world. It’s a chance for viewers to learn about new places and the adventures they offer, all through the lens of an experienced travel writer.

Make sure to tune in to Discovery at 7:00 AM on Sunday to join Jonathan Thompson on his journey through Aqaba and Québec City in “Adventure Cities.” It’s an opportunity to discover the adventurous side of these two unique destinations.

Release Date & Time: 7:00 AM Sunday 24 September 2023 on Discovery

Adventure Cities Aqaba & Quebec City Cast –

Main Cast
Jonathan Thompson
Jonathan Thompson

Jules Byrd

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