A&E to Debut “Secrets of Prince Andrew” Documentary August 21

A&E is set to premiere the latest addition to its groundbreaking “Secrets of” franchise with “Secrets of Prince Andrew.” Produced by Bitachon365 and Candle Media, the documentary special is scheduled to air on Monday, August 21 at 8pm ET/PT.

The documentary delves into the scandal-laden life of Prince Andrew, providing an insider’s perspective on his tumultuous journey. The focal point is the infamous BBC Newsnight interview in November 2019, which sent shockwaves through the monarchy. The program aims to offer an in-depth look at the twists and turns of palace intrigue, secret conversations, and the Queen’s role in the aftermath of the BBC Newsnight revelations. With exclusive interviews and unprecedented access, “Secrets of Prince Andrew” promises to shed light on the events that led to his downfall.

Key contributors to the documentary include renowned journalist Emily Maitlis, who provides insight into the intense preparations and the interview that forever altered Prince Andrew’s life. Samantha McAlister, the BBC Newsnight producer responsible for negotiating the interview with the Palace, also shares her perspective. Journalist and author Vicky Ward, as well as Palace insiders, friends, and advisors who have an intimate understanding of Prince Andrew, contribute to the narrative.

“Secrets of Prince Andrew” is produced by Bitachon365 and Candle True Stories, a division of Candle Media. Sheldon Lazarus serves as Executive Producer for Bitachon365, while James Goldston takes on the role of Executive Producer for Candle True Stories. Elaine Frontain Bryant and Brad Abramson are the Executive Producers for A&E. The documentary will be available on demand and for streaming on the A&E App and AETV.com.

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