After Midnight Airs February 8 2024 on CBS

Late-night TV just got a whole lot more exciting with the debut of “After Midnight,” a show that promises to keep you entertained into the wee hours. Set your alarms for Thursday, February 8, 2024, at 12:37 AM, because CBS is bringing you a new late-night experience hosted by the talented Taylor Tomlinson.

In “After Midnight,” Taylor Tomlinson takes the reins as she hosts a lively panel of guests from the realms of entertainment, comedy, music, and beyond. This late-night gem invites you to join the conversation as they dive into what’s been buzzing on the internet that day.

The show promises a blend of laughter, insights, and the latest internet sensations. Taylor and her eclectic panel of guests will dissect trending topics, viral moments, and the quirkiest corners of the web, offering their unique perspectives and plenty of witty banter.

“With Taylor Tomlinson at the helm, ‘After Midnight’ is set to become your late-night companion, providing a dose of laughter and the inside scoop on what’s making waves online.”

So, if you’re a night owl or just looking for a reason to stay up a little later, “After Midnight” on CBS has got you covered. Tune in on Thursday at 12:37 AM for an entertaining and unfiltered take on the internet’s hottest topics, all delivered with Taylor Tomlinson’s signature charm and humor.

Release Date & Time: 12:37 AM Thursday 8 February 2024 on CBS

After Midnight Cast –

Main Cast
Taylor Tomlinson
Taylor Tomlinson

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